Monday, April 4, 2011

Secret ingredient soup

I had one of those “Best Day Ever” sorts of days yesterday. It wasn’t anything too spectacular really; we just had lots of family time with no one needing to go anywhere like work, yoga or French classes. It was US, all day!!

We went to church together (many weeks, just a portion of our family is able to make it), stayed there for Soup Sunday. (A first Sunday of the month tradition. I think it may have always been soup at one point; this week however, it was tacos. Yummy!)

We went home and chilled for a bit (ie, someone fell asleep), then we all went swimming at the pool!!

This pool has a waterslide! Our kids had not been there before when it was functioning, so this was new for us. Middle man was quite excited and after a few test runs with Mom & Dad, he was up/down by himself continuously for the next couple hours. Little lady needed an escort and had no qualms about wanting it to be daddy each time. Whatever.

Big boy was 8 though and technically was not able to go down with a parent. He was terrified. He went up & down those steps so many times; getting so close, but not being able to follow through. We tried to tell him it was no big deal; he didn’t need to do this. But, he was determined. I have to say, it was one of the proudest moments for me to finally see him let go and go down. What a rush! After that, he was hooked! I am so happy that he worked through his fear to conquer something big!! He just had to believe he could and that it was worth it!

We came home and wanted to celebrate. Celebrate the last day of spring break, celebrate big boy’s success! (Really, it was just late and I wanted an excuse to order pizza). Pizza it was! AND we put on Kung Foo Panda!! Have you seen it??

An unlikely Panda named Po works for his dad in the noodle business. Through interesting (animated) circumstances, he gets selected as the Dragon Warrior. This legendary character that was foretold to be the only one who can defeat the very bad character (whose name I forgot). He seems very out of place, a real misfit amongst the “furious five” (the famed kung foo warriors). However at one point in the film, it suddenly becomes clear that he has his OWN set of skills that no one had even considered (a slightly predictable plot of course, I’m sure we’ve all seen one of these).

Finally Po is allowed to see the sacred dragon scroll. It is brought down from its high perch and Po opens it to discover it is blank! Shock!! This scroll was supposed to explain things, tell him how to defeat the bad guy and be completely incredible, right?

So, the town is being evacuated b/c the bad guy is coming and Po is helping his goose dad move the noodle cart. Finally his dad says he feels Po is old enough to be let in on an ancient family secret! The secret ingredient to Secret Ingredient Soup (this soup is mentioned at times throughout the movie). The secret ingredient is……. Nothing!!!!

Po suddenly clues in! It is the IDEA of believing that is what actually has the impact!!! He suddenly understands the secret of the Dragon Scroll!!! It is blank because he already HOLDS the power.

Anyway, a true feel good movie with enough varied styles of humour to keep us all entertained.

Do you ever feel like you just can’t do it? You look at something spectacular and you realize it is intended for someone else, not for you? For whatever reason.

A few years ago, my husband tried out to be an air force pilot. It was a long shot – we knew that. Many hundreds of people try out and very few actually get in. We always would word things in such a way so that our hopes weren’t raised and we didn’t expect much. I guess I could honestly say that I didn’t believe – the odds against him were just too great. A friend quickly put me in my place though when she turned to my husband and said “Well, why NOT you?” A very good question I realized!

After months of aptitude, medical & simulator testing, my husband DID get in and was offered a position in the air force! Unfortunately, this is the same time that he fell critically ill. Once they learned of his medical condition, the offer was withdrawn. Such is life! But, he can always say that he DID beat the odds and get in!

People who work hard doing the amazing things they do are just people. They were born, grew up through childhood with all its knocks & twists and went through their own journey to get where they are now. Activists, movie stars, doctors on extreme missions, you & me; we ALL started in the same place.

So, why NOT you? Why NOT me? The secret ingredient to change anything is all of us. Dorky analogy, I know, but do me a favour and think about it! Really!

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