Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kindred Sisters

This post will take a slightly different tone today as my heart is weighing heavy.

A dear friend’s little girl fell through some ice on Monday. CPR was done and after a time her heart started to beat again. She was rushed by air to the hospital where they are continuing to keep her body cool and monitor absolutely everything.

From the moment we got the call, my husband and I have been to the hospital many times and in constant prayer.

Joining us at the hospital were some other friends that we have known for so long and I realized I am part of something very special that I’m not sure if too many people can say they share.

There is a group of us. We grew up at the same camp, at the same youth events and many of us at the same church. There is a culture of community even though I can’t say honestly I have always been close to all of them; my friend whose daughter is tragically ill is likely my closest friend in the bunch. How wonderful to know each other’s children, when we know we played together at the same age as each of our oldests! (We roomed together at camp when we were 8).

This group of ladies is quite scattered now. We are in multiple provinces, many cities across those provinces, down into the USA and even as far as Barbados. Occasionally we all show back at the church we are connected to in Wpg and we marvel at each other’s kids, we hug and we catch up – often from where we left off the last time. Some of us have been in each other’s life 25 -30 years! You don’t just come by connections like that every day.

Even with the distance, there are many phone calls, emails, letters in the mail etc. I have kept cards of encouragement over the years from these ladies and in turn I have tried to bless them when I am able.

When a need arises (such as one of our own is facing now), I know this group is full of hearts that are breaking as mine is – they are rejoicing when there is news that is good and praying oh so hard! To have familiar faces in a hospital room; faces that have been familiar for such a long time, I hope is reassuring.

We cannot take the pain from our friend, we cannot take the fear, we cannot assure the unknown that we just do not know, but we can be there.

There are a few of us from that original group who live close. We have been able to help in the small ways, the practical ways. And we will continue to help – we just don’t know how long this journey will be or the extent of what it will entail.

This has made me think about this special group we are a part of. It is family really. We’ve had our differences over the years and our moments of hurt and celebration with each other and now with each other’s families. I am feeling so blessed to know each of these ladies and to know the love & support is there even from so far away.

Those of us who are close will do what we are able to do here, but knowing our sisters are praying and keeping our friend and her family tight in their hearts is such a comfort.

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  1. I understand completely. In my circle, one had breast cancer last year, and is still suffering from the aftereffects of radiation. Another's husband has been near death twice due to a disease.

    It is so comforting when we know we have others who will walk with us, and hold us up with their prayers -- especially when we cannot "pray": all we can do is cry, "O God!" and He is there.