Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Approaching Earth Day

Any big plans to save the planet this year? I maintain that it is the same posture to protect our planet as it is to protect her people. Doesn't it always seem to be that war, slavery & impoverishment seem to follow greed that is pulling natural resources out of the Earth with no regard to the long term impact? This often results in devastation being left behind. Both to the people and our planet.

Sustainability is pretty key. Sustain our planet by sustaining the environment and caring for its people.

Unknown to many (perhaps a bit of info that is in all other respects useless), I have a degree in Agro-Ecology. So, sustainability and protecting the planet from US is kind of a bit important to me.

I do my part, what I can, but it is a planetary epidemic. Caring for our planet; caring for her people. They DO go together.

April 22 - All Day! Is a day to celebrate our Earth! Where you might bring bottled water, bring a reusable bottle from home, a coffee on the go? Have you seen some of the fantastic travel mugs out there? That is thinking small of course, and also, keep in mind that the Earth needs our love and protection EVERY day!!

Did you know there are many groups dedicated to getting the word out? One of these such groups is called Environmental Booty I've been following this group for a short while now and appreciate their take on things. I like their dedication to getting the word out. Make sure you check out their totally fantastic Earth day related giveaway also! If environmental consciousness sounds painful, perhaps some of their great ideas will help you realize that every little bit helps.

Countdown is on, 10 days to go!! What will YOU do?

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