Friday, April 1, 2011

Hope out of Hell

I’m talking the tiny little plant on the big polluted Earth of Wall E or the flowers appearing all around the fairy in the final scene of Fern Gully. When things are supposedly at their bleakest, there is always a glimmer of hope to be found. Sometimes you just need to look for it. In the Lion King, Simba at first does not see it and he is told by Rafiki to “Look harder”. It was there!

When I first started looking into some of the social justice issues hitting our world – our brothers & sisters on this planet, I did not feel much hope. I felt overwhelmed & blown away by what people were capable of doing to one another.

I think it was the book “Half the Sky” that helped me realize how many people feel the same way I do. So many groups are in existence with the sole purpose of helping. How wonderful!

However, the book talks also about the groups that come in without really understanding what the situation is that they are entering into. They come with visions & ideas that are tainted by what they think might be the best way to help. Then, after they leave, nothing is in place to maintain or continue what they’ve started. Their heart was there, but they were set in the way they felt they should help – and that’s not always practical.

Not being one to reinvent the wheel, my husband carries a quote. It is “Find where God is at work in your context, and join up”. I’m possibly not quoting that with full accuracy, but the idea is there.

Now, for certain, not every group in these zones carries a religious connection and I’m not saying anything on that either way – that is just the quote.

There are so many ways to help and social media has helped take that to a whole new level!! Various humanitarian organizations are finding new ways to get the word out and they are being successful at drawing attention to where it needs to be – which supports my belief that people are inherently good – so many of them just didn’t know what was going on. Between the news, facebook, twitter, blogs and youtube, people can not only read about, they can join groups, follow progress and watch what’s going on just with a click!!!! With another click, they can donate in such a variety of ways too!

A fantastic blog I touched down on a few days ago is dedicated to the purpose of examining various humanitarian organizations and sharing what they do and how to help. It is a wealthy resource and I’ve been able to learn so much! Thank you Mango Muse!

I think every bit of assistance should be celebrated! Nothing is too small!!! One organization I connected briefly with came across hugely cynical. I was informed that too few people are willing to help and that so many people are just talk and nothing else. I think however, that this individual had a very specific idea of what help should look like.

We are all different. Our ideas of how to help may be as unique as we are and I’m not saying that everyone should take what I'm saying and rush to help overseas. There is need all around, just take a look. A new friend shared with me a few days ago that she feels a strong call to work with disabled adults in our city. It is something so near to her and who she is, but it may not have crossed my mind.

That’s the beauty of it!

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