Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I need to check back with my extremely savvy blogger friends on how to add a picture for wordless Wednesday! LoL! SO! I'll instead, leave you with a brief statistical point to mull over.

Consider this:

Records state that transatlantic slavery brought 10,148,525 people from their homeland over into slavery from the year 1514 to the last "legal" voyage in 1866.

Feel free to check it out at Voyages - The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Database.

That was over a span of 352 years.

CURRENTLY at any given moment, in this "age of civility" where anyone with any gamete of conscience is anti slavery, our world has over 27,000,000 people held in slavery against their will. This is not a span of hundreds of years, this is NOW.

Feel free to check it out at Matador Network

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