Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mandatory Fun

It was suggested that some of my posts are somewhat intense and that I should take a moment to lighten up! So, here is a momentary intermission from the seriousness of life. That’s okay actually, I’m still feeling the effects of time change and my mind is somewhat foggy these days and the serious stuff is a bit weighty on a befuddled brain.

While I find myself a highly funny person who loves to laugh, this does sound a bit like mandatory fun. Like you know when you go to some event or group and they make you play a warm up game or “Ice Breaker”. Really, I think people bond over the dumbness of it all. Maybe that’s the idea.

For my kids, mandatory fun is the name of the game and this game is played from morning until night and they work hard at it. Drives me a bit nutty actually. For my middle man especially, life is a laugh and we think he enjoys nothing more than making himself laugh – even better if someone else joins in, but if he’s on his own laughing hysterically, he’s good with that. The catch phrase for him that gets him going every time is “BUTT”. I kid you not. Did I mention he’s 5?

Okay, so right now I’m picturing my husband reading this and guffawing that I am NOT funny. Let’s just say deep down I do have a sense of humour. Is that fair? I think my standards are just really high and something must be quite funny in order for me to laugh.

Hmmm, maybe I am a bit stuck in the mud.

Okay, self awareness is always healthy. Working on it!

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  1. One of the things I love about my husband is his sense of humor... but it takes something really funny to make him laugh. And that is okay. Different is not the same as wrong!