Friday, March 25, 2011

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride – Fave movie of all time. I definitely have enjoyed some others along the way and LOVE a few even, but Princess Bride has an untouchable place with me, up with the original Star Wars trilogy and a few other untouchables. I am eager to watch it one day with my kids, but a few parts make me think I’ll wait just a bit longer.

This week, for me, made me feel like I was living on the Cliffs of Insanity. You know, the ones they have to climb that are a sheer drop going high into the clouds that you have to be absolutely insane to consider climbing? Those ones. Nothing drastic happened (and nothing especially that could compare to a friend’s week – she told me about it last night and I chose to shut up at that point about my own).

I’m grouchy. Really, I kid you not. I am a perpetual grouch, it is my normal countenance. Ask my poor kids & hubby. I like my ducks lined up and my house clutter free. With 3 kids and a fabulous husband, that is near impossible and it delves me right down into the pit of despair (another classic scene from the film). Man! I’m a grouch! I do hide it well though and only those who know me super well have caught a glimpse. I would be curious to know what went on in their head at that moment that my real self surfaced!!

This week, I did not get much for “me” time and I felt it. My yoga class on Tuesday was pre-empted for an interview – which was actually a great thing!! I just really missed my down time. And Thursday morning, I was the “Duty Parent” at my daughter’s preschool. So, my only 2 slots of true alone time were gone. Woe is me.

As I was driving to my French class last night, I was reflecting on that book I mentioned I’ve been reading “An Imperfect Offering”. I am just over and over blown away at these people that are constantly putting themselves in full on danger to help people they don’t know, in a country that is not their own. Wow!! I admire that more than I can express. People standing up for people – as it should be. In fact, Doctors Without Borders started b/c some of the doctors with the Red Cross & other NGO’s did not like the stance those organizations took to stay so impartial. It’s a give/take I suppose. Their impartiality at times is what enables them to be allowed into certain areas, but at other times, these doctors felt that if they had stood up, something could have happened to CHANGE things for the better and prevent future strife.

This book is kicking me in the sense that I have always been so clueless!! I would watch those World Vision infomercials and be almost able to block it out. I wondered why on earth don’t those people in Africa just get a clue? Send them some seeds and a hoe! Really! How ignorant am I?? Completely naïve. I think World Vision does a disservice by broadcasting in that way. Why don’t they actually explain WHAT is going on? Starving people is a HUGE deal, but it has not been their own choices or lack of knowledge that has brought them there. This is NOT an ignorant culture. Mass starvation has been a result of the many conflicts that have existed for so many years. I had NO CLUE!

Sometimes I wish I had just stayed in my hole of ignorance. Why do I want to know all this? I really have no answer except that I know as someone who claims to have a faith and follows someone who has set the prime example of standing up and caring for people, this knowledge bugs me. It REALLY bugs me.

I hold to the belief that maybe most people just really don’t know much about what is going on. Because really, if they DID know, wouldn’t it bug them too??

Princess Bride has the mystery and intrigue of starting wars & pinning it on others, kidnapping & romance. When I am in my own pit of despair, I really need to suck it up, because in reality, I have it SO good. I need to keep my focus in perspective. Be thankful & humbled for what I have and work hard not to take that for granted.

Elections are coming up!! I don’t expect Canada to break into civil war over who wins & loses, but I will be paying a bit more attention this year regarding some of the platforms. Surely our government has more of a clue of what’s going on then I did. I know they have OUR country to run, but I’m just a little bit curious to know if this all bugs any of them and what they think we could be doing to stop the insanity.

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