Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Did you see the news?

I didn't, but a good friend sent me this link.


Please watch the 3 videos at this link.

In the second video, Ben is asked, "Why should people watch you talk about this?" Ben's answer "Because people are dying, REALLY dying, and have been for a long time.... I don't know that I can make any better of an argument why people should pay attention to this."

I love it when people in power use their power for something sooooo positive.

I read the comments attached to this story - at the time there were 21 of them. I think for every positive one, there were 3 negative ones. Largely focusing on Ben & Cindy's hypocrisy to help people in a different country while their own country has needs. The response was largely that the USA is broke, therefore they can't afford to help. How sad.

I watched those videos and I was moved. I was silently cheering for Ben & Cindy. We share the same heart, but while a hundred or so people may read my posts here, their impact has the ability to stretch hugely far!!! Therefore I guess it stands to reason that for every negative, unsupportive comment I get (and there have been a few - I need a thicker skin!)Their aid is witnessed by thousands, if not more - so a few more negative comments for them.

I'm not saying we should ignore the hurt in our own country. Poverty rears it's ugly head absolutely everywhere. My husband goes to work everyday here and works right in the midst of poverty in our city. I am so proud of him. The life stories he hears and the struggles he witnesses are hugely devastating. He is someone who works to bring hope & healing. It is his heart's passion and caring comes naturally to him.

I share that passion, but my humanitarian heart is in Africa. However - I also care for local people, how can I hear about my husband's day at work and NOT care?

I'm glad one commenter on that site was able to set the record straight and inform the others of all the fabulous things Ben IS doing on home soil. This guy is not just looking overseas and ignoring what's close at hand. The criticism for his large house & fancy toys was in turn, hypocritical. If he gives up a portion of his salary to humanitarian efforts, he still has some left over (being that his salary is larger than the average person's, it may still seem like he's holding onto so much), but in perspective, what if WE were to give up the same percentage of our own incomes? Not saying we should and not pestering anyone to do this, just for argument's sake. These people who are critical have every option to do that, but do they? Proportionally, Ben gets more attention. He makes more, therefore he can give more. But before these critics get too comfy on their high horse, perhaps they should consider if THEY could give more & be doing more.

Too many people think b/c they are not in a position of power or make so much money that they have nothing to contribute, so they just don't. It's not all about money. Time is huge! If people in your city are in need, dig around and find out what you can do.

In that book I just read "Half the Sky", someone the authors interview said that they would much prefer someone spending the money to physically COME see what they are doing, over just sending a cheque. They said the dividend of someone knowing first hand what is going on has WAY more overall impact.

Ben & Cindy go. They go often and they don't go empty handed. Can anyone really criticize that? They looked around, saw organizations that were working hard, doing great things and they came alongside, rolled up their sleeves and said put us to work.

I can't ignore that.

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