Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A little more background knowledge - link

When I first read Lisa Shannon's book and knew I wanted to do more than just be a passive observer of solid literature, I wasn't quite sure what form my involvement would take. I still really don't know. I opted to blog as a way of informing others what's going on. I figured if I was so in the dark, likely others are too. I do have plans for doing more - stay tuned, I hope to share more on that. But I do know a little blog only goes so far. Especially if I know the readers are primarily friends who will love & support me no matter what I write! I intend to leave the safety net eventually. Until then, I am continuing my reading and will continue to share what I learn.

 I did a quick google on Panzi Hospital - this is a hospital in the DRC that does many repairing surgeries for rape victims. The article (link I'll attach here - if I'm allowed - I'm new (and ignorant) to this blogging thing). It describes a bit of the history to the struggles and why rape issues have become so significant. Please take the time to read. It was written a few years ago, but is every bit as relevant to today's situation (I think it was written in 2003 - that's not really that old I guess). 

You may have to copy & paste the link.

I've pulled this back up to edit & add a link to the Panzi Hospital. 

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